Collaboration With HEI School Finland

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Why Collaborate With Finland

No 1 Primary Education In The World

No 1 Primary Education In The World

Most Creative Country

Most Creative Country

Little Genius Collaboration

  • Early Childhood Education Principles
    • Culture of Trust
    • Independence Interpendence
    • Creativity
    • Child Holistic Approach
    • Valuing Children
    • Lifelong Journey
  • Completing Little Genius Montessori Approach
  • Maintaining Own Culture And Education System

What Makes Finland Education

We look at the world from the child's perspective because we recognise the value of childhood, and it allows us to understand what inspires, scares or excites them.

Children have meetings where they can vote about decisions that impact them, like field trip choices, classroom rules and more.

Why Finland Education?


About Us


A High-quality Center With High Quality Facilities


The Little Genius Programme Is An Islamic,
English & Montessori Syllabus That Offers Dual Track Curriculum


Using Helsinki International Schools Teacher Tool Kit (Hei Schools) By Finland Education Approach


To Provide Children's Educational Needs And Development To Keep Up With Cutting-edge Teaching Technologies


To Provide The Tools And The Environment That Will Give Every Child The Opportunity To Develop To Their Greatest Potential

Why HEI School ?

HEI Philosophy

At HEI Schools, we believe that the power of creativity leads to new innovative ways of thinking and doing. Children are given the opportunity to express their views with necessary encouragement, and are seen as unique human beings, each with their own interests, needs and strengths. We believe that children should not be educated to adapt to the changing world, but to change the world in a way that it will be a better place for all.

PhD. Lasse Lipponen, Professor,
Early Childhood Education at the University of Helsinki,
Co-founder at HEI Schools.

About HEI School

  • Helsinki International Schools
  • Founded by the University of Helsinki
  • Ranked 22 in the world in educational sciences
  • Mission: To offer high quality early education for as many children and families in the world as possible.

Concepts & Framework

HEI School Curriculum Concept
HEI School Framework
HEI School Themes


At HEI schools programme, we teach children how to apply their current knowledge in new contexts through playful methods, movement, exploration, daily routines and self expressions so that they become confident learners, capable of adapting to and transforming any setting.

Building Concentration


Independence and Self-Awareness


Develop Social Skills & Emotion


Problem-Solving & Creative Thinking


Develop Gross Motor Coordination, Fine Motor Skills & Language Skills


Able To Have Free Choice In A Prepared Environment

Play-Based Learning


Allows A Child To Demonstrate Capabilities While Worikng Independently


Shows The Child's Ability To Apply Desired Skills Such As Doing Research


Develop The Child's Ability Building Teamwork & Group Skills


Communicative In Progressive & Meaningful Ways With The Child


Visualising & Decision Making


Why Choose Zaydan Premier Kindergarten ?

Collabaration Between Home And School

Learning Continues At Home

You parents have the first and most powerful influence on your children's learning, development, health and well-being. You are your children's first role models, and you influence children's language learning, cultural understanding and more. Because the family plays a central part in children's education, especially when they are very young, our teachers greatly value parents' views and observations about their children's development, learning stages and personalities.

Our Classroom

Modern, bright classrooms equipped with the latest technology and learning tools

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