Teaching Your Kids To Learn

Are you a parent suddenly thrust into the role of teacher while homeschooling during the Coronavirus shutdown? It’s not easy, this sudden change of roles from educational advisor and helper for the kids to becoming their primary source of learning.

Of course, they’ll be learning from many sources, many of them online, so a big part of what we’re here to help you with is how to manage screen time (for the whole family, not just the kids) so that it’s used appropriately, both educationally and for entertainment, but doesn’t take over family life completely.

Being online and utilizing responsible amounts of screen time are more critical than ever right now. Parents are working to understand how to manage it for both younger and older children, as well as teens–and themselves.

This is a time to work with your kids, whatever their age, to come together for open and honest dialogues about everything from the latest Coronavirus details to how not being in school is affecting their lives–and yours.


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